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Lee's act to harm HK stability, prosperity
Updated: 2004-03-06 21:48

Hong Kong Legislator Lee Chu-ming's attendance to the hearing of the United States Senate and bringing Hong Kong's constitutional development issue to the US Senate have been accused by the angry people in Hong Kong as traitorous act.

Lin Shuming, vice councilor of the Hong Kong Political, Economic and Cultural Society, said in an interview with Xinhua on Saturday that Lee's true intention is to beg support from foreign forces to interfere with China's internal affairs and to turn Hong Kong into a base for conducting anti-China activities.

People in Hong Kong should not be blinded by Lee's intrigue under his disguise of a democracy and freedom defender, Lin stressed.

Tang Xueyuan, vice-chairman of the Association of Hong Kong's Guangdong Communities, said that Lee's act is aimed to resist the central government at a time when the people in Hong Kong are holding extensive and rational discussions on constitutional development.

Lee's act will damage the stability and prosperity of HKSAR, thus do harm to the fundamental interests of HKSAR and its people,Tang added.

Zhang Hao, councilor of the Hong Kong Alumni Association of theCapital Normal University, described Lee as a traitor. Lee had acted to attack the HKSAR government and resist the central government since Hong Kong's return to the motherland in 1997, Zhang said.

Cai Yantao, chairman of the Association of Hong Kong's Fujian Communities, noted that it is absurd for Lee by saying at the US Senate hearing that he had the responsibility to explain to the international community Hong Kong's current democratic developmentand wishes of the Hong Kong people.

Cai said that Lee has no right to represent the opinion of the Hong Kong people. In fact, most of the people in Hong Kong are against Lee's US trip.

HKSAR's constitutional development issue is China's internal affairs and is not allowed to be internationalized, he stressed.

Chen Jinlie, vice-director of the Hong Kong Association of Overseas Chinese Communities, said Lee's US trip showed again his true face as a traitor. Every Hong Kong people who love the motherland and Hong Kong will not allow Lee and his accomplices tobehave in this way, he added.

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