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China to become world's second largest TV commercial market
Updated: 2004-03-02 16:19

China's profits from advertising last year might make it the world's second largest TV commercial market, says Forrest Didier, president of AC Nielsen's Asia and Pacific branch.

Despite the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), Chinese companies had made large profits from advertising last year, said Forrest.

Statistics from AC Nielsen show advertising generated US$14.5 billion in China in 2003, a 28 percent growth from the previous year, of which TV commercials accounted for 75 percent, particularly from telecommunications, tonics and medicines.

An AC Nielsen survey showed that in China's urban areas, every household possessed at least one TV set, and in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, people spent three to four hours watching TV each day on average.

If the trend continued, China would become world's second largest TV commercial market, he said.

An AC Nielsen analysis predicted that in 2004, Internet, billboard and short message cellphone ads would rapidly develop.

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