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Heilongjiang Province to extend agricultural cooperation with Israel
Updated: 2004-02-24 15:19

Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province will extend its agricultural cooperation with Israel, exchanging experiences in agricultural production and boosting the application of modern technologies.

During a recent tour of a State agricultural science and technology zone in this capital of Heilongjiang, Moshe Vered, president of Israeli Matan World Ltd, predicted good cooperation prospects.

"Heilongjiang is China's leading agricultural province, and Matan World Ltd is experienced in high-tech agricultural production," said Vered. "And there is much room for collaboration. " The Israeli corporation will try to cooperate with Heilongjiang in terms of organic food production, irrigation systems, greenhouse equipment and related technology, he said.

"Soil and water mean life to Israelis. Therefore, we are quite experienced in soil chemical control and water saving, which are also useful to China," he said.

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