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Commentary: Politicians, separatists collude
(China Daily HK Edition/Au Wen )
Updated: 2004-02-24 01:36

A meaningful discussion is going on in Hong Kong on the definition of "patriotism''. The definition given by Deng Xiaoping two decades ago, which was republished recently, has served as a demon-detector that unveils the hidden agenda of certain politicians.

Some of them have echoed the Taiwan independence forces by jointly chanting the slogan "returning the political power to the people'', exposing their true intention of opposing and harming "One Country, Two Systems".

Using this slogan, some politicians in Hong Kong organized the July 1 mass rally to oppose legislation of Article 23, besieged the Legislative Council building and opposed the traditional appointment system for a portion of district councillors by the chief executive. The same slogan was used to push for quicker constitutional reform.

Soon after the District Councils were elected last November, certain politicians took the advantage of the election results and demanded universal suffrage for the election of the chief executive in 2007 and formation of the Legislative Council in 2008.

While in Taipei, Xiao Meiqin, an official in charge of international affairs, said on November 11 that "Taiwan should not fall behind Hong Kong. The Legislative Yuan should pass the referendum bill as soon as possible to enable Taiwan people to exercise people's sovereignty".

In Hong Kong, the slogan of "returning the political power to the people'' has been used to force through universal suffrage at the expense of the Basic Law and win over "public opinion" to turn the SAR into an independent or semi-independent political entity.

In Taiwan the Democratic Progressive Party is also using the slogan as evidence of "public support" in its attempt to separate the island from China. It said that "such an insight was borrowed from Hong Kong's experience'' to help push for a referendum on Taiwan independence.

Some politicians in Hong Kong said that "if political power could be returned to the people at an earlier date, it could serve as an example to Taiwan". How well they have acted in collusion with each other.

The best example is Hong Kong legislator Emily Lau, who last year attended a forum organized by Taiwan separatists on the island. The separatists claim that "Hong Kong is a separate country" and "one country on each side of the straits". Lau openly lent her support to self-determination of Taiwan's future.

All these developments point to the fact that some Hong Kong politicians have ganged up with Taiwan separatists to negate "One Country, Two Systems". They have tried to introduce theories on "Taiwan independence" and on "independence referendum" into Hong Kong, using the strategy and slogan of "returning the political power to the people".

This suggests that a tiny handful of Hong Kong politicians have failed to keep their commitment to safeguarding the Basic Law and pledging allegiance to the SAR. They are suspected of damaging the national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Whether they conform to the criteria set forth by Deng Xiaoping, the public should make their own judgment.

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