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Wrong mentality for the drown Chinese, that's the problem!
Seneca  Updated: 2004-02-09 16:08

I heard the shocking news about those drowned in England on Hong Kong TV. Later I read more news on French and German websites and magazines. Very soon it transpired that the victims were illegal immigrants!

These undocumented foreigners from China came from the same region as those who suffocated in a sealed container while en route to Britain three years earlier: 58 Chinese died! Again - foreigners without the right to go to Britain to work there!

Hello, anybody listening? You lend your savings to fellow villagers so they can sneak you out of China and enter another country on the sly - 58 of them get killed in the process. Alarm bells ringing?

Apparently no! Nobody learns a lesson.

The same crooks that "helped" the first batch get into that container truck "helped" another batch of poor Chinese (who nevertheless manage to stump up several tens of thousand US dollars to pay the snakeheads for their great help) to enter Britain.

That's trading in humans. Selling slaves. One of the most despicable "professions" in the world.

That's just two documented cases in which tragedy struck; many times tragedy doesn't strike in such an eye-opening fashion. Most of the time, the human cargo arrives in the desired destination though dazed, hungry, disoriented and afraid.

But the true horror awaits them once they are in the hands of their "employers" - fellow Chinese who operate sweatshops, underground businesses, brothels; the poor wretches belong to these crooks for years, are unprotected, receive lousy food, lousy accommodation, no health services, are lonely and enjoy absolutely no rights.

Why are Chinese so narrow-mindedly bent on making money anyhow, anywhere in the world?

Why don't they listen to those who warn them against doing this?

Maybe education has a long way to go. Far longer than is generally known! Sad to know how many lost their young lives - sadder still that so many people in China prefer remaining ignorant and silent, believing that anyone in the West only needs to shake a tree to be showered in under money!

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