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My opinion on Chinese rejuvenation
builder  Updated: 2004-02-09 09:27

I came from a Nationalist family. We love China deeply and the good news from China is appreciated greatly by us. Recently I heard the talk of Chinese rejuvenation . I think after one enjoyed gourmet food and got a little intoxicated with alcohol, it's quite understandable for one to feel good. And if one's surrounded by women, then it's even more exciting.

However, I'd like to bring people back to reality. Chinese rejuvenation should have a strict definition with benchmarks and high standard. China is on the way to reach her goals, but we still have a long way to go. Seriously, think about it, how many people today can afford to be rich consumers? I think it's a small percentage if you analyze the whole population. If our GDP per capita is about $1,000 USD today (at the end of 2003), then we can really celebrate when it gets to $2,000 (by 2010?) and later $4,000 or $5,000 (by 2015 or 2020?). Of course, things have improved greatly with the reform, and we can celebrate, just don't forget we're only begun and we have work cut out for us. We must aim high.

Challenges of the New Century - Other measurements and reality check.

I don't think we can be complacent when we have young people that cannot complete education. I don't think it's Chinese rejuvenation when we see many people risk their lives to become illegal immigrants in other countries. (Please note I don't think the tradition of migration of coastal provinces will stop any time soon, but it's the scale that reflects the problem.) I don't think we can talk about Chinese rejuvenation , when prostitution is a big problem. (Again, prostitution has been around human society for thousands of years. It probably won't disappear. But it's the scale that reflects the problem.) We have work cut out for us.

Chinese rejuvenation - When our people receive complete education, become law-abiding citizens, our government running efficiently and without corruption, and most people won't think about leaving for foreign countries for opportunities, and prostitution problem is under control, our products (from low-tech to high tech) sell to the world and the quality of Chinese products appreciated by everyone, and nations and peoples in this world praise Chinese civilization, her morality and strength, then we can say the Chinese rejuvenation is near.

This is my humble opinion.

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