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Updated: 2003-01-02 01:00
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva  
Brazil's Newly Elected President Notes:
Brazil's Lula Becomes President, Realizes Dream

Cheered by tens of thousands of jubilant supporters, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva became Brazil's first working-class president on Wednesday, realizing the "dreams of generations and generations" of Brazilians.

Promising to "recover the dignity of the Brazilian people," the former metalworker received the presidential sash after taking the oath of office as the capital, Brasilia, exploded into a huge street party of music and dance.

"I am not the result of one election, I am the result of a history," the 57-year-old socialist told crowds outside the presidential palace of Latin America's largest country. "I am realizing the dreams of generations and generations before me who tried and failed."

As Lula rode in a convertible Rolls Royce to Congress to take the oath, hundreds of people ran down the massive lawns in front of the modernist building, thronging around the car to see Brazil's first elected leftist leader. Many jumped into the moat-like lakes in front of Congress, splashing police.

"Since 1500 an exploiting elite has governed Brazil," said Jason Ferreira, 37, one of the thousands who traveled to Brasilia from across this continent-sized country for the inauguration party. "The people have dreamed of this."

Pledging to fight one of the worst income distribution gaps in the world and to end famine, Lula won a record 52 million votes in October elections -- his fourth bid for the presidency in this country of 170 million.

Security officials said about 70,000 people turned up for the inauguration, which Lula's Workers' Party turned into a "people's party" as Samba drummers and Amazon dance groups performed on the vast esplanade in front of Congress.

Occasional rain showers didn't dampen the party spirit.

Lula became only the second leader in 40 years to receive the sash from another elected president in Brazil, which is no stranger to political instability. After handing over the sash, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso flew to Paris for a rest.


jubilant: 欢呼的,喜洋洋的




sash: 肩带,腰带






leftist: 左翼


inauguration: 就职典礼

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