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Updated: 2002-04-01 01:00

Playboy Seeks Full Disclosure From Enron's Women (2002/04/01)
For those who said that all the Enron scandal lacked was sex, the wait is almost over.

Playboy, the men's magazine famous for its centerfolds of nude women, on Monday said it is planning a photo spread entitled the "Women of Enron" to showcase current and former employees of the ruined energy company.

The Chicago-based magazine said the open call for models is a second chance for Enron Corp. employees who may have lost their jobs as the one-time Wall Street darling plummeted into the largest U.S. bankruptcy in history.

"We're looking at this as something fun for them to do while they're looking for another job. This might even turn into a modeling career for them," Playboy spokeswoman Elizabeth Norris said.

Enron's impenetrable financial statements, which hid billions in debt and mounting losses, have brought calls for better disclosure. But none like this, a spokeswoman said.

"They're taking transparency to a whole new level," Enron spokeswoman Karen Denne joked.

Norris declined to comment on how much Playboy would pay the models, but did say they would be able to choose how much flesh they bare. Generally, Playboy pays more for less clothing.

Interested models are asked to send a recent full-figure photo of themselves in a bikini, along with a headshot.

"We'd like to run it as soon as we can," Norris said, adding that the magazine was aiming for a late summer publication.












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