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Updated: 2001-11-12 01:00

Sting flies Concorde, to be Englishman in New York (2001/11/12)
斯汀身体力行支持协和 (2001/11/12)
British rock star Sting (L) serves champagne to fellow passenger Piers Morgan on a British Airways Concorde.[ Reuters]

British singer Sting said he had no worries flying on the Concorde plane for the first time after being grounded since its deadly 2000 crash.

British pop star Sting checked in for the first commercial Concorde flight from London since a deadly July 2000 crash of the supersonic jetliner, aiming to become, in the words of one of his countless hits, an Englishman in New York.

"It's less dangerous than a car on the M6," he told the reporter as he prepared to board. "I feel completely safe. Why wouldn't I be?" he replied, when asked about the Concorde crash last year and the September 11 attacks, when four planes were hijacked.

"People are getting their confidence back slowly, and I think that events like this will help people," he said.

Sting said he was delighted to be back on Concorde, having been a regular customer for 20 years. "Concorde is a symbol of British Airways, of air travel and normal life," he said.

He said he particularly wanted to fly to New York as his wife, the actress Trudi Styler, was giving a speech in the city and did not realize that he was coming over. "Flying at twice the speed of sound gives you a buzz."

An Air France Concorde took off from Paris for New York shortly before the British Airways jetliner left London as both companies resumed Concorde passenger services.



协和客机是目前世界上唯一的民用超音速豪华客机,但去年7月法航一架协和飞机失事,协和飞机因此停飞。11月7日的飞行是协和飞机恢复客运以来的首次飞行。斯汀登上了这架从伦敦飞往纽约的飞机,正如他的一首歌的歌词,斯汀这次要体验一下 "英国人在纽约"(an Englishman in New York)的感觉。







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