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Updated: 2001-09-10 01:00

Young British Christians look for love online (2001/09/10)
英国年轻基督徒网上找真爱 (2001/09/10)
Church attendance amongst Britain's youth may be dwindling but young Christians are turning to the Internet in droves to find love.

Christian Connection, an online matchmaking service, said it has signed up nearly 4,000 members since last October and at least five weddings are now planned.

The Web site offers "an opportunity for Christians from all denominations to meet, mix and match", according to its homepage.

The statement quoted one satisfied member, identified only as Anne, as hoping the man she met through the site might be her "Mr Right".

"I have been blessed to meet a wonderful man who at the very least is now a great friend," she said. "I had a bit of faith that I would eventually meet someone but not by sitting at home waiting patiently."



从去年10月以来,已有4000人在一个名为"基督徒纽带"的网站注册,其中至少有5对新人通过这个网站相互认识, 并准备举行婚礼。





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