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Baghdad suicide attack kills five
( 2003-10-29 06:25) (China Daily)

A suicide car bombing Tuesday near a police station in Fallujah, a flashpoint town in Iraq, killed the bomber and at least four others, police sources said.

A CNN report said six people were killed and three others wounded in the car bombing, which came one day after a spate of suicide bombings in Baghdad.

A man driving a small Toyota car blew himself up in front of the town's power station, 100 metres from the main police station of Fallujah, 50 kilometres west of Baghdad.

"Four civilians were killed,'' said Major Assad Abdul Karim.

Iraqi police pass the remains of a suicide bomber's car in the restive town of Falluja, October 28, 2003. A suicide bomber blew up a car near a police station in Falluja on Tuesday, killing himself and four civilians, police said.  [Reuters]
But a US military spokeswoman said she had no information about the incident, which reportedly took place shortly after 1:00 pm yesterday (1000 GMT).

In another development, a US general pointed an early finger of suspicion at foreign fighters for four suicide bombings at the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) headquarters and police stations that killed 35 people and wounded 230 on Monday in Baghdad.

"There are indicators that certainly these attacks have a mode of operation of foreign fighters,'' said Brigadier General Mark Hertling of the US Army's First Armoured Division, claiming one attacker captured in a foiled raid on a police station had a Syrian passport.

"He's a foreign fighter. He had a Syrian passport and the policemen claim that as he was shot and fell that he said he was Syrian,'' Hertling said, echoing previous US statements that al-Qaida and other foreign militants were operating in Iraq.

Hertling, describing the timing of the bombings at the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan as "criminal (and) sacrilegious,'' said suicide attacks were not typical of Saddam supporters, blamed by Washington for many raids on its troops and other targets since the Iraqi leader was toppled in April.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said the attack on the ICRC headquarters was "a crime against humanity.''

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana was among other voices raised in condemnation.

A poll conducted for the European Commission showed two-thirds of European Union citizens thought the US-led invasion of Iraq was unjustified and that the United States should pay to rebuild the country.

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