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Passenger flights gradually resume at HK international airport
( 2003-06-16 15:43) (Xinhua)

An average of about 200 passenger flights per week have resumed services at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) in June.   

According to a press release from the HKIA, the number of re-instated flights is expected to further increase in July with an additional 270 weekly flight movements already confirmed to be back in the month's flight schedule.   

Airlines include Air India, Gulf Air, Mekong Airlines, Pacific Airline and Turkish Airlines that have earlier suspended services to Hong Kong will resume flights in July, bringing more frequencies back to serve travelers.   

Since the Airport Authority (AA) announced its revitalization package to stimulate traffic growth on May 25, passenger numbers and aircraft movements have been showing signs of recovery.   "We are glad to see that our revitalization package is showing effect. The Airport Authority will continue to work closely with our airline partners to speed up the rate of growth," said the AA spokesman.   

"The traffic statistics show that the full impact of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was reflected in May. The precautionary measures taken by the authority and its business partners to maintain a healthy, safe and secure airport have helped restore confidence on air travel through HKIA," he said.   

He added that the impact of SARS though substantial is only temporary and by no means will it weaken Hong Kong's position in global aviation. The HKIA's hub status is further strengthened by the recent announcement by Airport Council International to relocate its Pacific Regional Office to the city, shortly followedby the award of Best Airport of the Year to the HKIA for the thirdyear running.

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