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China outlines modernization of traditional medicine
( 2002-11-05 14:45 ) (8 )

China's first document outlining the development of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was officially issued Monday at the International Conference on the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which opened Sunday.

The outline defines and clarifies the important guiding principles for the modernization of TCM, said Li Xueyong, deputy minister of science and technology.

The main requirements for TCM development, according to the outline, include creating a platform for technical innovation, boosting standardization and basic research, developing new TCM products, promoting industrial development and protecting TCM resources for sustainable development.

Both domestic and foreign experts attending the conference agree TCM represents the characteristics of China's medical science and is an important component of Chinese culture. The TCM sector has great potential for development and the advantage to gain intellectual property rights for its numerous products.

Li said the Chinese government highly values the development of TCM. By the year 2010, a modern TCM innovation system will be established along with a series of standards and norms for modern TCM products, a number of new TCM products and key technologies developed, and a competitive modern TCM industry be created.



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