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Most Chinese support youth sex education: survey
( 2002-10-23 14:46 ) (8 )

A survey showed that 89.2 percent of urban dwellers and 74.6 percent of rural residents in China agree that sex education should be conducted in middle schools.

The survey among more than 7,000 people aged between 15 and 49 was carried out by the Society and Medicines Research Center of the Science and Technology Research Institute under the State Family Planning Commission.

The survey also showed that 89.2 percent of urban respondents and 78.9 percent of rural respondents agreed with teaching middle school students about Aids.

It revealed that 80.4 percent of urban respondents and 74.2 percent of rural respondents believe youngsters should be taught about contraception.

But when it came to providing contraceptives and contraceptive devices to youngsters, just 41.7 percent of urban people and 32.6 percent of rural residents agreed with the idea.

Liu Yunrong and Chang Yongjie, scholars with the Society and Medicines Research Center who carried out the survey, said the results showed that Chinese people had become more tolerant towardsex-related issues.

Traditionally, Chinese people were ashamed of talking about sexin public and it was a taboo even among family members.

The two scholars said Chinese society, influenced by tradition and culture, still had a long way to go before youngsters could enjoy sufficient services regarding sex and reproductive health.



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