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Grassroots Party group swell to 3m
( 2002-10-10 14:59 ) (1 )

China has established more than 3 million Communist Party of China (CPC) organizations at the grassroots level with 66 million CPC members in the country.

By the end of last year, 53,204 or 87 per cent of the 61,492 neighbourhood committees in 662 Chinese cities had set up CPC organizations, statistics showed.

The CPC Central Committee, with General Secretary Jiang Zemin at the centre, regards reforms and Party building in State-owned enterprises (SOEs) as vital. The Fourth Plenum of the 15th CPC Central Committee in 1999 drew up an overall plan for further encouraging reforms and Party construction in State-owned enterprises.

About 70 per cent of SOEs have restructured their leadership systems so Party organizations can play core roles in promoting industry development.

More than 192,000 SOEs have adopted a system under which administration and management affairs have become more transparent.

There were more than 71,000 CPC organizations in private enterprises by the end of last year, more than twice as many as in 1997.

CPC organizations have also played a key role in boosting the rural economy and improving the living standards of rural people.

A total of 1.769 million kilometres of highway and 202,000 bridges were built in rural areas during this period and 74,000 administrative villages which formerly had no access to electricity were connected to a power supply.



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