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Expert: source of satellite TV hijacking by Falun Gong proven accurate
( 2002-09-30 08:56 ) (8 )

A senior radio expert said on Sunday that television signals illegally transmitted by Falun Gong cult followers originated in the Taipei area, noting that the source of satellite TV hijacking was precise and irrefutable.

The source was traced through the use of internationally-accredited technologies and advanced monitoring equipment, said the official in charge of the national radio monitoring center, during an interview with Xinhua reporters.

From Sept. 8 through the early morning of Sept. 22, signals sent by Falun Gong cult members, repeatedly jammed transmissions of the Sino Satellite (SINOSAT) system.

The center's experts traced the source of interference of the broadcasts while they were in progress, and it has been confirmed that their point of origin is in the area of Taipei city in Taiwanprovince, at the geographical location of 121 degrees, 30 minutes,33 seconds east longitude, and 24 degrees, 51 minutes, 04 seconds north latitude, according to the official.

The center traced the interference source of the broadcasts while they were in progress numerous times to determine the site of the broadcasts, and the relevant departments in Taiwan were informed on the outcome of the above tests via non-governmental channels, and the outcome of tests was subsequently publicized on Sept. 26.

Acknowledging that the relevant Taiwan departments have been reportedly begun searching for the source of interference for signals, the spokesman said, stressing that the illegal TV hijacking is a serious violation of the basic norms in civil communications.

It is expected that the relevant Taiwan departments will take effective measures to locate the source of the illegal signals as soon as possible and will have them put an end to, the official said.



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