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Two dead in school shooting in northwest China city
( 2002-09-27 16:36 ) (10 )

The police of Lanzhou, capital of northwest China's Gansu province, shot dead a gunman who caused a death and two injuries in a local school in the morning of September 26.

Around 11 o'clock the local public security bureau received calls saying a gunman was killing people in a school, and three persons had been injured.

More than 120 policemen rushed to the spot at the fastest speed and then formed four groups respectively in charge of evacuation, vigilance, communication and arrest.

After sealing off the school and evacuated students and teachers, the police shouted to the dangerous gunman from a distance no more than 50 meters, demanding him to put down the weapon and surrender.

The gunman resisted and the police, after firing a warning shot, shot him dead resolutely in order to prevent more injuries of innocent people.

Four bullets were later found from the dead man's gun, which was already loaded. And another eight bullets were searched out from the car he drove.

The gunman was later identified as Yang Zhengming, 40, driver of the school. He opened fire to three of his colleagues out of revenge, causing one death and two injuries.



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