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Beijing: Services in Haidian get a boost
( 2002-09-10 09:30 ) (1 )

Zhongguancun Science Park, in Beijing's Haidian District, is striving to introduce more investment from home and abroad to improve its service sector.

Almost 60 modern service projects were introduced to investors on Monday at the Key Projects Presentation Fair, held in Beijing.

The projects involve the financial, digital logistics, commerce, entertainment and environmental protection sectors, which will facilitate the business operations of the high-tech companies, reduce their operating costs and provide convenient daily services for entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun.

Nearly 1,000 projects in the service, IT and bio-medicine sectors were presented on Monday.

Hu Jian, director with the Haidian Development Planning Committee, told China Daily a financial corridor will be developed by the Haidian government.

Domestic and foreign banks, securities companies, insurance institutions and other financial operators are all welcome to settle in the area.

"Considering the unique demands of high-tech industries, we will give priority to venture capitalists and credit guarantee companies, especially the well-known ones," Hu said.

Another big project is the Zhongguancun International Mall, the first commercial plaza in the high-tech park with a total investment exceeding 100 million yuan (US$12 million). It will cover more than 100 hectares.

"We will provide service to not only the high-tech industry but also the residents to ensure that the commercial environment and services here are no different to those in some foreign countries, which will help guarantee the long-term and sustainable development of the park," said Yu Bin, deputy general manager with the Beijing Zhongguancun International Mall Development Co Ltd.

Designed to provide effective services to foreign enterprises, Haidian District has also set up a one-station service system for overseas investors in the Haidian District Investment Service Centre.

The system, known as the Green Channel service, includes charge-free consulting and agency services, and paid professional services from intermediary organs.



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