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Beijing subway stations to be revitalized
( 2002-08-08 16:57 ) (8 )

Passengers taking subway trains in Beijing will soon find the city's underground world a pleasant place to be in as more cultural flavor is to be added there.

The Beijing Times reported that the Beijing Subway Co. and the Zhongxin Culture and Sports Industry Co., Ltd. have signed a contract to set up the Beijing Subway Culture and Media Co., Ltd. to manage signs, wall advertising, and the distribution of newspapers, periodicals and audio-visual products at subway stations.

According to a plan being drafted, Beijing's subways and urban light railways will handle 1.4 billion passengers annually by 2008.

The Chinese government's commitments to the World Trade Organization will necessitate a loosening of its control of foreign enterprises distributing books, newspapers and periodicals. This will allow enterprises more freedom in where they can operate their businesses, how they allocate their shares and the number and type of businesses set up.

Li Bolun, chairman of the Zhongxin Culture and Sports Industry Co., Ltd., said the new joint venture will devise a plan to improve the management and unify the publishing and marketing of publications sold at local subway stations.

He said, more up-to-date and convenient publication distribution outlets are expected to appear in Beijing's subway stations by the end of the year.

According to the plan, six to eight book and audio-visual product chain stores will be opened at subway stations, in which mini cinemas, book corners and other service facilities are expected to be set up to make things more convenient for passengers.



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