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China urges ILO to promote common development
( 2002-06-11 09:01 ) (8 )

A senior Chinese official on Monday urged the International Labor Organization (ILO) to make more efforts to reduce the negative impact of globalization and extend the benefits of it to all the workers in the world.

It is imperative to establish a rational international political and economic order so that the developing countries may enjoy the benefits of economic globalization and scientific and technological progress and the wealth gap between the North and the South may be narrowed, said Li Qiyan, China's vice minister of labor and social security, at the ongoing International Labor Conference in Geneva.

The ILO should pay more attention to the specific requests of the developing countries and further strengthen technical cooperation, Li said.

Li reiterated that efforts should also be made to enhance communication, promote dialogue, and safeguard the democratic consultation mechanism of the organization so that the goal of social justice set in the Constitution of the ILO could be achieved in a real sense.

It was the ILO's obligation to take concrete measures to promote employment, eradicate poverty, and protect the rights and interests of all the workers in the world so as to enable them to enjoy secured, productive and sustainable decent work, Li added.

About 3,000 delegates, including labor ministers and labor union leaders from most of the 175 ILO member states, are attending the International Labor Conference, which opened on June 3 and will end on June 20. 



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