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Jiang: People should know the correct Sino-Japanese history
( 2002-04-29 15:45 ) (8 )

Chinese President Jiang Zemin said in Beijing on Monday that leaders, political parties and politicians in China and Japan should educate people with correct concepts of history for long-lasting friendship between the two countries.

Jiang, also the general-secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks in his meeting with Japan's Komei Party delegation led by its leader Kanzaki Takenori.

Jiang said that Sino-Japanese ties in general witnessed smooth growth during the past three decades after the two countries normalized diplomatic ties.

"History and reality instruct us that 'taking history as a mirror and looking forward to the future' is the most precious experience in the past 30 years," he said.

The adherence to bilateral friendship was the incontrovertible trend and common aspiration of the two peoples and the development of such friendship was conducive to both sides, making a mutually beneficial relationship, Jiang said.

To enhance cooperation between a prosperous and stable China and Japan which adhered to the path of peaceful development was important for the two countries, the region and the world at large, Jiang said.

He pointed out that it was regretable that the Japanese leader recently again visited Yasukuni Shrine at the important moment of the 30th anniversary of ties.

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi made a surprise visit to Yasukuni Shrine on April 21, causing strong protests from neighboring countries. The shrine houses war dead, including Class A war criminals of World War II.

Jiang said the move "seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese and Asian peoples and has inevitably aroused their grave concern and strong indignation".

Leaders, political parties and politicians of China and Japan should seriously consider the fundamental aspirations and interests of the peoples, summarize experience, handle the difference in bilateral ties with a friendly spirit, and actively build good, stable and cooperative ties so as to realize Sino-Japanese friendship for generations to come, he added.

Kanzaki Takenori said that the Komei Party had always advocated friendship with China and determined to make every effort to promote Japanese-Chinese cooperation.

He said the Komei Party opposed Koizumi's shrine visit for such move not only ran against the Japanese Constitution, but also stirred protest from Asian nations.

The Komei Party believed that Japanese should be conscious of history for Japan's future, he said.



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