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CYDF adopts strict administration of new educational charity program
( 2002-04-18 10:28 ) (8 )

The China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF), one of the major charity groups in China, has recently launched a new schooling program under the Project Hope, aiming to assist some 400,000 needy Chinese students within three to five years to finish their education.

The scheme will offer financial aid to rural students of primary and middle schools and universities in poverty-stricken regions, especially the western area, hoping that around one percent of China's most destitute students will enjoy a school education.

The new program will operate under a series of new regulations, including issuing uniform receipts across the nation for fund donations, transferring donations directly to the receivers through the banking system and postal networks, in addition to some current administrative methods that have proved practical and efficient.

"We will work hard to ensure a more standardized program, improve its transparency and protect the rights and interests of the beneficiaries," said Tu Meng, a senior official at the CYDF.

The CYDF has decided to draw no more than 10 percent from public donations to cover the operation cost of every charity program in the future.

Statistics show that more than 40 million Chinese students are suffering financial troubles, among whom over 34 million are living in poverty-stricken rural areas.

Sources reveal that the Project Hope, which was initiated in 1989, has so far received over two billion yuan from donors both at home and abroad. With the help of the fund, nearly 2.5 million children in the vast rural area have resumed school education and some 8,890 schools were set up.

The CYDF will publish all the income and expense accounts concerning future charity programs, Tu said, adding that the CYDF also welcomed public supervision on the work of the charity organ. 



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