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At least 14 hurt in explosion at Mexican oil plant
( 2001-12-22 15:55 ) (7 )

At least 14 workers were injured in an explosion at a plant belonging to Mexican state oil company Pemex, in Hidalgo state 90 kilometers northeast of the capital, a company official said Friday in Mexico City.

"There was an explosion followed by a fire at a Pemex plant at Tula, due to a leak of light gasoline," plant manager Leopoldo Gomez told Radio Red.

The injured were taken to local hospitals, while fire fighters and rescue workers from Pemex were brought in, along with military personnel.

Other parts of the complex were not affected by the fire, which began just after midday Friday.

Officials said that the blaze is now under control and that no risk remains to workers or members of the local community.



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