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Chinese national killed by robbers in northern Philippines
( 2001-12-19 14:14 ) (8 )

A Chinese national was killed on Tuesday in Nueva Ecija province, the northern Philippines, by two unidentified robbers who fled with 1.1 million pesos (US$20,100 ) in cash.

The 37-year-old Wang Guilin, interpreter and accountant of the China Geo-Engineering Philippine Corporation (CGEPC), and two Filipino companions were on the way back after withdrawing of the money from a bank in Gapan City near noon time Tuesday, when two men forced to get on their car and pointed them with guns.

Wang was shot in the head and chest and died immediately before the robbers left boarding the car with the money and two cellphone units, the two released witnesses told police.

Wang has been working in the Philippines since last March for the CGEPC, contractor of a road project in Gapan City. His remains has been sent to Manila Tuesday night.

Chinese Embassy in Manila on Wednesday told the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine National Police that the Chinese government hopes the criminals could be arrested as soon as possible.

Chinese Embassy on Wednesday issued again an announcement reminding all the Chinese employees of Chinese companies in the Philippines of being cautious on security matters.



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