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National sci-tech projects smoothly organized
( 2001-11-25 15:56 ) (8 )

China has laid out the national scientific and technological projects from 2001 to 2005, in a bid to upgrade the country's overall innovative ability, Ma Songde, vice minister of Science and Technology, said Sunday at a press conference.

The system of scientific and technological projects includes the program promoting high technologies which was initiated by well-known scientists in March 1986, or shortly known as the 863 Program, the program tackling key problems in the national economy launched in March 1997, or nicknamed the 973 Program, and the basic research program.

In the five years till 2005, Ma said, the country will invest 15 billion yuan (1.8 billion US dollars) and five billion yuan into the 863 Program and 973 Program respectively.

The ministry has started to finance 10 target-oriented projects, including research and development on super-massive integrate circuits, electric automobiles and innovative medicines, Ma said.

He also said that his ministry would implement the projects through public bidding and organize mid-term academic appraisal for the projects.

Meanwhile, the 863 Program encourages research organs and companies to solve key technologies in manufacturing or farming.

As for the 973 Program, Ma elaborated on 29 target-oriented projects, 64 projects dealing with key technologies and 60 guiding projects.

Ma urged research organs and enterprises to obtain intellectual property rights in the process of carrying out the scientific and technological projects.



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