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Carrefour to expand to western China
( 2001-11-21 16:25 ) (8 )

French retailer Carrefour will stick to its policy of opening 10 supermarkets in China per year for the next few years, Beijing Youth Daily reported Wednesday.

In this way, Carrefour's investment in China should reach 100-150 million US dollars annually.

The upscale store will shift its development focus from such large cities as Beijing and Shanghai to western China, viewed as a potential big market.

At present, Carrefour has 27 supermarkets in China. Over 97 per cent of the staff are Chinese. The company pledged to increase the company's purchase value in China from 300 million US dollars to 1.5 billion US dollars this year.

Carrefour also plans to turn China into its global distribution center. By the end of this year, China-made products will be shipped to Carrefour's retail shops in 31 countries and regions.



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