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Firecracker producers discuss safety management
( 2001-10-23 13:51 ) (8 )

Representatives from the firecracker industry around the world gathered in a meeting in this capital of central China's Hunan Province to discuss the industry's safety production and management.

The participants made a public proposal urging firecracker producers to guarantee the safety of people.

Firecracker production and usage, which is popular in Asia, has been a cause of many accidents, injuries and death. Many big cities including Beijing have banned firecracker sales.

Participants at the meeting agreed that the industry should work out a safety management mechanism with senior company executives responsible for safety production, and develop scientific production and distribution systems.

The use of modern technology should be applied in the production while advanced managerial techniques should be applied in the supervision, they said.

Officials from the State Safety Production Administration, the Ministry of Supervision and the Ministry of Public Security took part in the meeting. 



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