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Traces of anthrax bacteria found in letter received by Microsoft
( 2001-10-14 10:21 ) (7 )

A letter sent from Malaysia to a Microsoft office in this southwestern US state has tested positive for traces of anthrax, local authorities said Saturday.

The officials pointed out, however, that at present there are no reported cases of anthrax infection stemming from the incident.

Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn said anthrax spores were detected during the third test of the letter received by Microsoft in the city of Reno.

He said the risk to public health in the area remained very low.

The infected letter was sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, to analyze the discovered strain of anthrax, according to the governor.

"We are asking them to perform a DNA test that we are not capable of, which will allow (authorities) to determine whether or not this is a strain with an organism that would carry the disease" or whether it is a vaccine strain, Guinn said.

He added that the test was not conclusive enough to take further action at this time.

The piece of mail in question, which contained a check, had been sent by Microsoft to one of its vendors in Malaysia, according to the governor.

But when the envelope returned inexplicably, it looked different and contained pornographic pictures.

Guinn said earlier the check looked wet and appeared as though it had been tampered with.



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