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PLA reserves right to fire on threats to drill
( 2001-07-10 11:01 ) (3 )

The People's Liberation Army reserves the right to open fire at any targets that engage in provocative activities against PLA troops staging an ongoing military drill on Dongshan Island off southeastern Fujian Province.

Targets subject to attack in the event that warnings are not effective could include fighter jets and warships from Taiwan or those of some foreign countries, Wen Wei Po reports Monday.

The decision, put forward by Fuzhou Military Command headquarters, which is directing the military games, has been approved by the Central Military Commission, the newspaper said, quoting International Perspective magazine.

High-level military sources said the large-scale drill involved at least 100,000 PLA soldiers. The mainland hopes to demonstrate its strong resolution to seek reunification of the motherland through the games, they said.

The military exercises have engaged the most advanced weapons the PLA uses at present and are being supervised by Zhang Wannian, vice-chairman of the central military commission.

Crack troops from Nanjing and Guangzhou military commands, together with East and South China Sea fleets, are taking part in the largest exercise since 1996.



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