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Sharon Stone's husband bitten by dragon
( 2001-06-11 10:39 ) (7 )

Sheron Stone

Sheron Stone with husband Phil

Phil Bronstein, the husband of movie star Sharon Stone and executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, was bitten on the foot by a Komodo dragon, the paper reported Sunday.

The injury occurred Saturday while Bronstein was taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the Los Angeles Zoo, the Chronicle said.

A keeper advised Bronstein to remove his white tennis shoes during a visit to the Indonesian lizard's lair because it might mistake them for rats, a regular staple for the dragon, the report said.

Even so, the lizard took a taste of the editor's toes in a bite that crushed a toe and severed tendons. Bronstein was able to pry the beasts jaws open with his hands and escape through a small feeding door.

"We're very grateful for the professional care of the people at the hospital," said Stone in her husband's paper. "And we certainly don't blame the people at the zoo."



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