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Units promote State policies
( 2001-05-29 11:08 ) (1 )

Family planning associations at all levels in China have played an important part in helping promote the country's family planning strategies and improving general living standards.

So said Jiang Chunyun, chairman of the China Family Planning Association, on Sunday in Beijing during a ceremony held to celebrate the 21th anniversary of the China Family Planning Association.

China's family planning work has made great contributions to lowering the birth rate, death rate as well as the population growth rate, Jiang said, adding that this has helped China speed up its economic and social development and improve living standards for all Chinese people.

Such achievements are closely related to efforts made by the China Family Planning Association, which works to help raise living standards by promoting the country's family planning policy, said Jiang.

This century, China's family planning will focus on maintaining a low birth rate and making the new-born population healthier, said Zhang Weiqing, director of the State Family Planning Commission, at the ceremony.

Over the next few years, China's population will experience a net annual increase of more than 10 million, Zhang said.

Therefore, it remains a tough task to control China's population and improve the quality of life, Zhang said.

Jiang urged grass-roots associations to strengthen their objectives and play an active part in people's daily lives.

The China Family Planning Association, founded in 1981, is a national non-governmental organization which aims to help promote the country's population and family planning strategies.



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