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Kidman rules out reclusion
( 2001-05-24 14:09 ) (7 )

Nicole Kidman admitted Thursday it was a struggle being constantly in the limelight but the Australian actress who recently split from megastar husband Tom Cruise said she would never retreat from the world.

"I refuse to become someone who is going to cut myself off from the world," Kidman told Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio.

"But it's a battle sometimes."

Kidman said the publicity work for her recently released film Moulin Rouge, which spanned three continents in three weeks, had helped her get over the breakup with Cruise.

"I'm astounded at the humanity which has been shown towards me," Kidman said.

"And it is a nice thing for me, at this stage, to be happy."

Kidman has vowed she would never reveal the reason for her split from Cruise for the sake of her children.



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