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Following are the exchange rates for leading currencies against the dollar at 12:00 GMT on February 4:

Euro US$ per Euro 1.25315

Britain US$ per Pound 1.8372

Australia US$ per A$ 0.76285

Switzerland Franc per US$ 1.25245

Norway Crown per US$ 6.9505

Sweden Crown per US$ 7.3287

Russia Rouble per US$ 28.505

Canada C$ per US$ 1.342

Japan Yen per US$ 105.365

Hong Kong HK$ per US$ 7.7768

Singapore S$ per US$ 1.69365

Thailand Baht per US$ 39.04

Indonesia Rupiah per US$ 8450

Malaysia Ringgit per US$ 3.8

South Korea Won per US$ 1168.3

Philippines Peso per US$ 56.165

Taiwan NT$ per US$ 33.285

Mexico Peso per US$ 11.0695

Brazil Real per US$ 2.9105

(China Daily 02/05/2004 page9)


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