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National Ballet of China held a Ballet Performance at JUFE

( Updated: 2017-03-02 14:59

National Ballet of China held a Ballet Performance at JUFE

In the evening of December 1st, a ballet performance was held in the auditorium of Mailu campus. Wang Qiao, the president of JUFE attended the performance, and 1,500 teachers and students enjoyed the wonderful show. Jiangxi TV recorded and reported for this performance.

The performance has four parts: introduction of ballet knowledge, exhibition of ballet training, interaction with audiences and classic ballet performance. Liu Qi, a first-class performer in National Ballet of China, introduced the history and development of ballet and its different schools. Audiences rewarded the excellent performances, such as a piece of Swan Lake, Ji Gong, and Long March with a warm applause. Finally, the performance was successfully concluded with an ending dance by all of the performers.

It’s known that the event “Introducing the High Art to School Campus” was proposed and initiated by the former vice premier of China, which has a significant influence on improving students’ aesthetic tastes, artistic culture and cultural quality. The performance held at JUFE is the third stop of National Ballet of China in Jiangxi.


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