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Ru porcelain preserved in Central China

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Ru porcelain preserved in Central China

Wang Junzi examines a piece porcelain work in Qingliangsi village, Baofeng county of Central China's Henan province, on June 3, 2016. [Xinhua]

Qingliangshi's Ru kiln site - in Baofeng country – was discovered in 1986. It's become one of major historical and cultural importance, protected at the national level and where official Ru porcelain can be found.

Ru porcelain is one of the top five porcelains in China, joining Guan, Jun, Ge and Ding variants. It gets its name from the location in which it's made: Ruzhou, Henan province.

Wang Junzi, who was born near Qingliangshi's Ru kiln site, developed a keen interest in the Ru porcelain technique from a young age. After 30 years of arduous work, Wang has mastered the unique skill and become an inheritor of the ancient craftsmanship.

In order to promote the Ru porcelain culture, Wang has taken in several young disciples, teaching them the traditional technique and process.

Together, they've built Ru Porcelain a good reputation in the local cultural industry.

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