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'Luxury' art apples debut in Shanghai

(People's Daily Online) Updated: 2015-09-28 15:33 Comments

'Luxury' art apples debut in Shanghai

A 17-meter high Eiffel Tower is displayed at the exhibition. [Photo/people.cn]

According to Pascal, each of these apples is carefully chosen and this is the first large scale overseas exhibition they have held.

The art apples are also called marking apples. At the beginning of the summer, the orchard workers wrapped the newly born fruits with black papers with patterns. The covered part on the apple skin would not turn red due to lack of sunshine. Along with the growth of the apple, the black paper needed to be changed several times until the apple was fully mature. It takes a lot of manpower and skills to grow a perfect art apple. No wonder the apple is expensive: in overseas market, it sells for 300 USD each.

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