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Yuju Opera 'Xuanzang' debuts in Taiwan

(CNTV) Updated: 2015-06-11 17:09 Comments

Yuju Opera 'Xuanzang' debuts in Taiwan

A Yuju Opera about Xuanzang's life and journey to India made its debut in Taiwan.[Photo/Xinhua]

Born into a scholarly family at the outset of the Tang Dynasty, some 1,400 years ago, Xuanzang enjoyed a classical Confucian education. But under the influence of his elder brother, a Buddhist monk, he developed a keen interest in Buddhist subjects and became a monk himself at the age of 13.

Upon his return to Chang'an, Xuanzang brought back with him a great number of Sanskrit texts, which he was able to translate during the remainder of his lifetime.

The seven-act Yuju Opera vividly brings the historic figure alive on stage.

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