Big-stomach girl, 4, too ill to finish treatment: Father

By Yang Wanli (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-12-08 08:07
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The 4-year-old girl who traveled to Beijing from Shanxi province in search of a cure for her massively oversized stomach is too ill to finish her treatment.

Hu Tianpeng, the father of Hu Yunxing, said she developed a fever several times during her treatment and the hospital sent him a notice on Dec 3 saying his daughter was close to death.

"I was frozen with terror and didn't know what I should do," he said. "I was repeating 'She is dying, she is dying' and couldn't think after I signed my name on the paper. It was all like a nightmare."

He said his daughter's temperature started to rise after doctors began drawing liquid from her stomach.

Hu Yunxing arrived at Second Artillery General Hospital last month and was diagnosed as having Budd-Chiari Syndrome on Nov 20.

Doctors started to draw liquid from her stomach at the end of last month in order to carry out more tests on the health of her organs.

"She has been running a fever most days since we came to the capital in search of a cure," he said. "The doctor didn't tell us the reason and we could only pray for a miracle."

According to the microblog he started on Nov 17, the girl started to run a fever at the end of November and her temperature climbed again on Dec 2.

"Her body temperature reached 40 C on Friday. I used alcohol and water to cool her down," he said.

He said her condition has since improved.

The Second Artillery General Hospital refused to discuss Hu's health or make any comment.

An official surnamed Zhang said the hospital will only speak to announce the successful completion of her treatment.

Shen Li, with the charity Angel Mom, told METRO the organization helped two other children with Budd-Chiari Syndrome before it got involved in Hu's case and she said she believes Hu will be OK.

"The two of them that were cured also experienced unstable conditions during their treatment, even including spitting up blood," she said.

Those children needed about two months of rest before they could complete the final stage of their treatment, she said.

Hu said the doctor told him the fever might be caused by stress from too many visits. He said his wife had not left the hospital since they arrived and he has been sleeping on a bed in the passageway outside Hu's room.

He said his daughter has become very sensitive during her treatment.

"She is scared of the doctors," Hu said. "I heard her murmuring 'I don't want doctors. I don't want them to draw any more liquid' in her sleep."

Hu said the bank account for donations hit more than 140,000 yuan and has used 30,000 yuan so far for her treatment.

According to Shen, Angel Mom has received 270,000 yuan in donations for the little girl. She said the money will used for Hu's treatment and any leftover will be used to treat other children with the same condition.

Budd-Chiari Syndrome is caused by a blockage of blood vessels and buildup of blood and other fluid as a result.

It happens to about one person in a million and is more common among females.

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(China Daily 12/08/2010)