Perfect for the neighborhood

By Helen Lee (
Updated: 2008-06-06 17:28

This exquisite cafe and lounge is located in Shanghai's new artsy area on Jinxien Lu, a neighborhood peppered by hip shops where Bliss fits in perfectly.

The bar's apple-green neon sign stands out in the dark and our first impression of the venue was welcoming. After ascending the stairs to a wooden deck and through the main entrance, we meandered down a narrow, dimly lit hallway and were rewarded when the passage opened into a spacious room, full of comfortable couches, cushions and warm lighting.

The interior is well planned, creating an area for intimate meetings as well as larger social gatherings. Film projections on the wall gives the cozy lounge an urban touch, as does the long list of cocktail selections. House special cocktails were thoughtfully separated by gender, and although we were disappointed by our Cosmopolitan (45 yuan) which barely had any taste and lacked vodka, our extra dry dirty martini (55 yuan) was carefully made under the manager's supervision after she overheard our complaint.

Bliss Cafe & Lounge
Add: 181 Jinxian Lu
Tel: 5228-8323


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