Climbing the stairs of Huangshan

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Updated: 2008-06-05 11:05

Bright Summit Peak

The crowning glory of Huangshan is the rough circle of peaks, Purple Cloud Peak, Pine Forest Peak and Bright Summit Peak. At an elevation of 1,840 meters, Bright Summit Peak (Guangmingding), the second highest in Huangshan, is now the highest peak to which visitors may ascend. The highest, Purple Cloud Peak, has been closed due to ecological protection concerns.

The area can either be part of a long day's hike or an overnight destination. Though we do not recommend you drink excessively on the trail or carve a message in he mountainside, we do recommend you join the masses in viewing the sunrise from one of the peaks.

The area overlooking Beihai (Northern Sea) is especially lovely. It is well worth braving the morning chill.

It also provides great views of Cloud Sea and its neighboring, peaks including the Celestial Capital Peak, Lotus Flower Peak and Jade Screen Peak.

Getting there: The Western Steps will get you to the access trail. You can also approach from the north, via the trails coming from the direction of Beihai and the Eastern Steps.

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