Embrace the cocktails

Updated: 2008-05-29 10:54

Cocktail enthusiasts saddened by the state of affairs at Tara 57 can take heart: Kiitos has arrived, bringing exacting standards and a sense of showmanship back to the neighborhood.

Part of the Japanese micro-bar trend, this small, smoky lounge has a maximum capacity of about 15 guests. But unlike its older cousin, Constellation Bar, Kiitos enjoys an expanded repertoire of both classic and original cocktails.

Furthermore, the pared-down whiskey selection and increased emphasis on calvados (RMB 45-RMB 60) and grappas (RMB 60-RMB 70) make this lounge seem somehow more female-friendly. Adding to this impression is the gracious owner herself; Maiko left The Chinoise Story to open Kiitos, and we couldn't resist her charms as she violently shook our Manhattan (RMB 55) with a demure smile.

In short, Kiitos is an excellent choice for discerning drinkers who relish an intimate, low-key atmosphere.

Tue-Sun 7pm-12mn.
127 Yongfu Lu, by Fuxing Xi Lu
6431 3787


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