Nice to meat you

By Sean Willis (
Updated: 2008-05-29 10:21

This tiny restaurant features a cozy upstairs dining area and a downstairs butcher, stocked with a selection of well-marbled Shandong steaks that can be purchased to cook up at home.

We first ordered one of Pullman's specialty items, the 500g Steak of Pride (218 yuan) but were told it was out of stock, so we settled on a 450g T-Bone (208 yuan) and a 180g Tenderloin (98 yuan), both served with a tasty red wine sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

While we asked for the T-Bone to be cooked medium-rare, the steak was done medium-well, still quite good, but not what we ordered. For those in need of more vegetables in their diet, Pullman's Garden Green Salad (36 yuan) was crisp and fresh.

Although we enjoyed our meal, seeing as how Pullman's butcher sells the same meat the chefs are about to cook for roughly half the price, we'd sooner return just for the meat than to eat.

Pullman Steak
Tel: 85871055
Add: 2-109 China View, Gongti Donglu


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