Steaks from Manhattan

Updated: 2008-05-27 10:22

Manhattan Steakhouse is Beijing's first authentic American steakhouse; the walls are covered with pictures of 1930's Manhattan scenery. There's a small wine cellar storing over 150 types of winc from all over the world, and the open-style kitchen allows patrons to freely enjoy the best of American food and drink. Free coffee refills will give you the chance to fully enjoy yourself and chat to your heart's content. The comfortable high-backed bright yellow and dark brown sofas create a dining atmosphere that is both lively and refined.

The open-style kitchen here allows customers to see the whole cooking process. All of the beef is imported from America and Australia, and apart from the steak, the most outstanding dishes available here are the sugar-roasted shrimp and the Angus beef. Cooked with sugarcane, these shrimp are sweet and succulent. Paired with a nice dry white wine, the sweet flavor of these luscious shrimp provides an extraordinary contrast with the slightly bitter taste of wine. The Angus beef, features an enormous amount of beef (at least 450 grams), cooked to about 60-70% well-done. It is tender, juicy, chewy meat you will want to savor one bite at a time.

Manhattan Steaknouse
Location: State Guesthouse,2nd floor. 9 Fuwai Dajie(jia), Xicheng District
Tel: 68005588 ext. 8695


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