Gotta love those Love-China T-shirts

By Gan Tian (Beijing Today)
Updated: 2008-05-26 09:57

China has suffered a lot recently – Western media distortion, a train crash and a horrific earthquake. However, Chinese people are always brave. A glance at the T-shirts in the streets and you will know.

Love-China T-shirts appeared when the Olympic Torch bearer was attacked in Paris. After a series of incidents, people in the country, even all over the world, wore the shirts to show their love for China.

Called wenhuashan in Chinese, these T-shirts display the wearer's personality and ideas. Now with summer coming, aiguo wenhuashan, Love-China T-shirts, dot the streets.

Most of them are white, with red patterns. Some have a heart and a China map. The Beijing Olympic logo even appears on your chest if you choose the Olympic series. Others combine a red heart with the Chinese National Flag, with five yellow stars at the left top. A college student has designed all of the 100 Chinese surnames with the red heart, to show that "all the people in China support our country whole-heartedly." Each individual can choose his or her own surnamed T-shirt to wear and add more individualized features.Those who are interested can visit retailers at Huawei Building in Xidan, Wudaokou Clothing Market, the clothing markets around the Beijing Zoo and Tianyu Market near Tuanjiehu.

Buying a love-my-country T-shirt online may be more convenient. Many big online shops, for example,, and, provide the product at a very low price and some of the online shop owners claim that they will donate all the money to areas that suffered in the earthquake. If you are lucky, you may happen to find some factories online which produce these T-shirts. Order there if you need large quantities- it will save some money.Because the patterns and colors are simple, each love-China T-shirt costs no more than 50 yuan, except those that have really good material and designs. Some sell for about 25 yuan online, and if you order in large quantities, you can get as cheap as 8 to 10 yuan each. Cheap and reasonable. So why not show off your muscles and your love towards China this summer with a T-shirt?

1. A T-shirt design, with 2008 Beijing Olympic logo and torch in front and five rings at back;

2. Love heart with the national flag pattern;

3. A T-shirt with 2008 Beijing Olympic logo;

4. A hat design, with love heart and national flag pattern;

5. This design is to support the Torch Relay around the world;

6. A T-shirt with I Love China pattern;

7. A T-shirt with China heart in front and a China map at back

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