Say goodbye to your barber

By He Jianwei (Beijing Today)
Updated: 2008-05-22 11:39

For some people, going to a salon or a barber shop is an enjoyable experience. For others, it is something that they would rather not do, because of the cost or other reasons. Some people who try to cut their own hair and share their experience through BBS or online group chatting. A pair of scissors, a comb and piece of cloth are all you need.

People usually cut their own hair to save money. "The first time I cut my hair was in college. It grew too fast. As a student, the cost of a haircut is nothing to sneeze at," Ivy Yan, an entertainment worker, said. Her first attempt was awful. She cut her hair as she remembered the barber doing. "I cut it very carefully, but still hurt my fingers," Yan said. Although the first experience was not a good one, Yan loved to cut her hair. She found other people interested in the technique on the Internet.

Some people hate to go to the barber shop, because they feel embarrassed in front of the barbers. "I'm an introvert. It's not that they are unprofessional, just at their over-zealous attitude makes me uneasy," Eva Lin, a freelancer photographer, said.

Yan has cut her own hair several times. "Cutting my hair is kind of addicting. After I cut it, sometimes I feel a little bit depressed, but other times I feel proud. A bad result just motivates me to work harder the next time," she said. She has several tips for beginners. "Wet hair is much easier to cut than dry hair. You'd better start with freshly shampooed, tangle-free hair," she said.

A bottle of water with a spray nozzle nearby is necessary. "If your hair begins to dry while you are working on it, you can dampen it with a few spritzes," she said. The quality of scissors is the key point for cutting hair. "Make sure your scissors are nice and sharp to avoid pulling your hair. If you plan to cut your hair on a regular basis, it is worth investing in a pair of good scissors that are made for cutting hair," she said. Beginners should only cut a little at a time, Yan said, no matter which style they choose. "You can always cut it a little shorter, but once you have gone too short, all you can do is to wait for it to grow back," she sd.

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