Stop for red lights

Updated: 2008-05-12 15:19

In its previous location, this groovy lounge was known as "that Japanese gay bar above Shanghai Studio," and regulars will be pleased with its sleek new make-over.

The red light and curtain in the entrance are a bit disconcerting, as they invite the notion that Transit Loungeis yet another meeting spot for older men and their young, local "favorites." But, if you can get over the tired red, black and white color scheme, the good drinks, seventies retro-funk and relaxing atmosphere will win you over, making Transit a solid venue for a quiet drink and audible conversation. RMB40-50 gets you any standard drink, mixed well and served with all the appropriate fixings or, grab a beer for RMB30.

The space is small enough to chat with the bartender from any of the couches that line the walls or to huddle away in the more secluded corners with a date. For a crowd, stop by on Thursdays for the RMB100 open bar.

Transit Lounge
141 Tai'an Lu



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