Season for succulence

By Ye Jun (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-05-12 09:29

With the change of season, Chef de Cuisine Guillaume Galliot at French restaurant Jaan inside Raffles is introducing a new menu.

The restaurant's menu is revamped every quarter and grilled foie gras, crepes, asparagus, John Dory fish, baby carrots, artichokes and beans are examples of the new offerings. New meat dishes include French duck and wagyu beef.

The menu is simple, and easy to navigate. There are just 7 starters, 3 soups, 4 fish dishes, 4 meats, and 6 desserts. But each dish showcases a lot of the chef's effort.

For example, the same plate of wagyu beef is cooked and served in three ways: panfried, hand-cooked and braised. Even the potato side dish is prepared in three ways: light-mashed, fresh fried, and as gnocchi.

Foie gras is normally prepared in terrine, or pan-fried. But here it is grilled. A very traditional dish, the salad nicoise, is served with a difference, with ice cream and tempura.

Low-poached lobster with spicy stock and spring vegetables is a must-try. It has a juicy, natural, and original flavor.

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