Weight-shedding strategies for a new slimmer summer look

(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2008-04-30 10:15

Keeping fit has always been important for maintaining a healthy life with slimness a prerequisite for looking attractive. With many jobs purely desk-based, a wide section of people get little or no exercise. It is hard to get motivated to push yourself to do exercise because sometimes we just don't have the energy.

However, as the weather gets warmer, and winter tights get thrown to the back of the underwear drawer, it is time to tighten those abs and flatten that tummy.

Being more active in your daily life is a good starting point; so think about how you can increase your daily activity levels. It might be as simple as putting more effort into the housework, walking rather than driving to the corner shop or parking further away from the supermarket entrance so you have to walk further.

"For the best slimming results, you should take planned exercise for four hours and 30 minutes a week," says West Yang, assistant fitness manager of Hyatt on the Bund.

Your body needs to be continuously pushed in order to burn fat and tone muscle so it's important that you keep pushing yourself.

Yang suggests dividing 90-minute exercise sessions into a 45-minute cardio workout and 45-minute weight training.

According to him, cardio exercise helps to decrease the level of body fat, which helps improve the muscle definition by thinning out the layer of fat that obscures the muscles, but weight training is what improves the look of the muscles.

In order to achieve a balanced physique, one should include both aerobics and weight training in the routine.

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