Zhang's egg-cellent adventures

(China Daily)
Updated: 2008-04-29 11:47

The pattern of the Bird's Nest is composed of more than 300 pieces of triangle-shaped colorful blocks. Thousands of potted flowers are arranged in front of the collage work, radiating an aroma of spring and vitality. Above the flowers, a giant egg, which is made of stainless steel, suspends from the ceiling and produces a mirror reflection of the whole prosperous picture in the exhibition hall.

This large-scale installation work - expressing ideas such as life, birth and waiting for the creator - leads visitors into the solo show of Zhang Nian at the Today Art Museum.

The exhibition, entitled Wait, is themed on the two brand new architectures in the city - The Bird's Nest and the Grand Egg. However, the symbols of "nest" and "egg" have dominated Zhang's conceptual creations for nearly 20 years.

The oil on canvas series unfolds a documentary process of the construction of the landmark architectures, while the sculptures serve as an introspection of the creator.

"The process of waiting and pregnancy of my artistic exploration over the past 20 years gains the richest expression through the 'magic meeting' between landmark architecture," Zhang says.

"I make use of the flowers to extol the great meeting, and the whole installation to salute to China of 2008."

More than 10 oil paintings on show span more three meters, addressing the magnificence of the architecture and casting a strong visual impact to viewers.

The images of the architecture are fulfilled with realistic approaches, accompanied with a surrealistic color scheme and composition on the background of the sky and earth.

"I have employed the image of an egg as a carrier of my creation for 20 years," says Zhang. "It is a kind of extension of my inspiration instead of hasty attempt."

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