Finding fontina

By Dawn Carlson (
Updated: 2008-04-28 15:41

With white French doors framing a comfortable dining room, Fontina creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere the moment you enter.

Our appetizer of baked nachos (38 yuan) was a surprising treat, served piping hot and covered with tomatoes and cheese. The Gold Blue (78 yuan) was the best meal of the evening, a stuffed and breaded chicken breast filled with ham and cheese. Our other choice, a hearty pasta dish of orecchietti and beef (68 yuan) was reminiscent of a beef stew with pasta. Adding to the ambiance was the helpful (but not hovering) service.

With an extensive drink menu, offering up everything from teas and coffees to wine and cocktails, complimented by a wide selection of high quality entrees at reasonable prices, Fontina is a great addition to the Dagu Lu strip.

Add: 403 Dagu Lu
Tel: 5375-0600


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